Director of Meetings Email

AAA Director of Meetings Email to Talk Back Presenters

Text reads: As you have likely seen, we have had to cancel all Talk Back events and Virtual Hallways for the remainder of Raising Our Voices due to a series of security breaches that led to Zoombombing behavior in these environments. I’m very sorry we had to officially cancel and discontinue these important events. The purpose of these events was to bring our community together in informal ways to discuss scholarship and have dialogue about the important work you all are doing. In that spirit of community, REDACTED, a recent PhD Graduate, is mobilizing a volunteer effort to host Talk Backs separately from the AAA for anyone interested. To be clear, these events are not affiliated with nor hosted by the AAA and will be organized, set up, monitored, and attended entirely by volunteers. The AAA is not setting any standards or procedures for these events. The purpose of this email is to make you, a Talk Back event presenter, aware of the opportunity to participate if you should so desire. Please join the conversation on AAA’s Member Communities to engage with this community. If you are not a AAA member, please feel welcome to reach out to REDACTED individually. He has shared his email address - REDACTED. Again, I’m very sorry we are unable to bring these events to you as an official part of AAA’s Raising Our Voices and I would like to thank REDACTED, and all those engaging in this voluntary effort to continue these conversations in whichever safe ways are possible!

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