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Arturo Magaña grew up in Somerton, Arizona and El Golfo de Santa Clara, Sonora, Mexico. For his undergraduate career, he double majored in both Urban Planning and Anthropology from Arizona State University. In 2017, he graduated with an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from Northern Arizona University. For his master’s thesis, he wrote a book about fishermen who work in the Sea of Cortez. He currently works at the Colibrí Center for Human Rights in Tucson, Arizona. As the Missing Migrant Project Associate, he works with families of the missing collecting missing persons reports and updating Colibrí’s database.

Photo of an alleyway with blue trimmed windows and flowering pants planted along the side.

Observations and reflections

Four Poems, Spring 2018 1) I remember you, abuela. The tortillas and the way you touched the comal to check the temperature. I want to ask you things that I did not ask you before. How were your boys and girls when you were young? I listen to your music and wonder why when we ...