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William Cotter is a Joint PhD Candidate in Anthropology & Linguistics at the University of Arizona. He works on language change, performance, and migration. Find him at: and on Twitter: @cotterw.

Streamline(d) – “180 Days”

A federal prosecutor sits in front of a judge during an Operation Streamline hearing, correcting the judge on the terms of a plea deal. The judge laughs and says that he’s glad the prosecutor is paying attention (because the judge isn’t). (Click through for the option to open the full image in a new tab)

Streamline(d) – “Time Served”

This post is the beginning of an experiment. Recent ethnoGRAPHIC work like Lissa: A Story about Medical Promise, Friendship, and Revolution by Sherine Hamdy and Coleman Nye, as well as Andrew Causey's Drawn to See: Drawing as an Ethnographic Method has encouraged me to explore the potentials (and pitfalls) of incorporating drawing into my anthropological life. ...

Photo taken from an apartment window in downtown Gaza City on a busy Thursday evening. The photo was taken with a long exposure, capturing the vibrancy of the city on a busy evening.

A City Called Gaza

When the aging stretch taxi made its way out of the parking lot of the Rafah Terminal in the southern Gaza Strip I remember being struck by the beauty of Palestine’s coastal plain. I entered Gaza via Egypt, which in the spring of 2013 was the most reliable crossing into the Strip. We made our ...

Something to Shoot For

A note for the reader:  I had the idea to attend a gun show and doing some writing about it a while ago, but the appeal of it faded relatively quickly. I filed it away as an idea that seemed good, but that I didn’t feel like I had the energy to actually follow through ...