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Dick Powis is a PhD Candidate in Anthropology at Washington University in St. Louis, and is also pursuing a Graduate Certificate in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. His research interests include men and childbirth, prenatal screening technologies, and reproductive health in urban settings in Senegal. Read more at

Sorry, We’re Closed

The Delmar Loop, a stretch of what was once racialized as the “Delmar Divide” for the way it separates St. Louis’ population, is normally a bustling shopping and dining district full of tourists, Washington University parents, and suburban families that might not want to go too far into the city. I’ve only been here for ...

A road bend to the right and out of frame. It is deliberately littered with stones, bricks, and large tree branches by students as a way of restricting vehicle access to the university campus during a strike.

That’s Enough about Tim Ingold!: A Millennial’s Response

[This post is adapted and updated from a paper presented at the University of Colorado, Boulder graduate student conference, “The Ethnographic Turn” in 2016. I am indebted to Audra Simpson for her thoughtful feedback. The text is accompanied by embedded Instagram photographs from my ongoing dissertation research.] Multimodal Ramadan. Medina, Dakar, #Senegal. 2017. Olympus EM10ii. ...

Black and white photo of graffiti on a wall that reads "Soyez réaliste, demandez l'impossible," one of the many slogans of the May 1968 student/worker strike in France. It means, "Be a realist. Demand the impossible."

This is unsettling; this is our discipline.

[This article was co-authored by Dick Powis and Savannah Martin. Please cite accordingly.] Today, we are proud to launch Footnotes, a group blog by and for anthropology and anthro-adjacent scholars who want to advance anthropology, what it can do, what it means, and who can participate in it. It is thrilling to join 20 incredible ...