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Taylor R. Genovese is an STS Ph.D. Candidate and anthropologist at Arizona State University studying radical (techno)politics, the Russian Cosmists, and Silicon Valley. More at: and on Twitter @trgenovese.

A photo looking up at the Biosphere 2 building. It looks like a large, futuristic snake coiling from the bottom with a large tower, its head, jutting toward the sky.

The decadence and depravity of Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is an Earth systems research facility on occupied Tohono O’odham land (in so-called Oracle, Arizona, just north of Cuk Ṣon, so-called Tucson). It has a rather strange history. What started as a utopian project to test the feasibility of a closed ecological system for use in future outer space habitats, it ran into highly publicized ...