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#AcademicTwitter: A How-To Guide for Anthropologists

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Jules Weiss. Jules Weiss (they/them pronouns) is a 2nd year MA student in Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University. Their graduate research (so far) focuses on identity embodiment among transgender people who are part of punk music communities in the Pacific Northwest. You can find them ...

An image of a large brown piece of paper with snippets of cut-out poetry pasted to it. This is an example of a final Decanonizing Anthropology "historical Rasanblaj" project, which is explained below.

Decanonizing Anthropology

Reworking the History of Social Theory for 21st Century Anthropology: A Syllabus Project Authors: Rebecca Renee Buell, Samuel Burns, Zhuo Chen, Lisa Grabinsky, Argenis Hurtado Moreno, Katherine Stanton, Froggi VanRiper, Loren White [Footnotes is very pleased to present the Decanonizing Anthropology syllabus project. This syllabus was assembled collectively as a final project of the graduate ...