ROV Daily for November 9, 2020

The ROV Daily November 9, 2020 An Important Update We have experienced two separate incidents where unwanted intrusions (zoombombings) have disrupted our Hallway and Talk Back sessions. We regret these occurrences and sincerely apologize to all who experienced these disturbances. After the first incident, we switched from Google to the Zoom meetings format, which is not possible to access without credentials provided to registered participants. However, the increased security protections were compromised when these credentials were shared with people not registered for the event. Due to the continued risk of offensive disruptions, we have eliminated the hallway and talk back portions of our program. All of the live-streamed panels and view-on-demand events will take place as scheduled in the secure Zoom webinar environment. Again, we do apologize and thank all of you for your understanding and contributions toward a productive and stimulating conversation as we continue to Raise Our Voices.

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