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Guest Post: Embracing Affect in the Classroom [Embodying Reciprocity Series]

[Footnotes is excited to present a guest post by Schuyler Marquez. This post is a part of the Embodying Reciprocity series. Schuyler Marquez’s work focuses on bringing classical anthropological questions on religion and economy to the study of contemporary food production. Her dissertation research on the industrialization of halal meat production in Brazil analyzed the industry’s ...

The Fear: Working through the apocalypse

How can we work when we have no future? In a crumbling world, does anthropology really matter?

Photo of an alleyway with blue trimmed windows and flowering pants planted along the side.

Observations and reflections

Four Poems, Spring 2018 1) I remember you, abuela. The tortillas and the way you touched the comal to check the temperature. I want to ask you things that I did not ask you before. How were your boys and girls when you were young? I listen to your music and wonder why when we ...

A photo looking up at the Biosphere 2 building. It looks like a large, futuristic snake coiling from the bottom with a large tower, its head, jutting toward the sky.

The decadence and depravity of Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2 is an Earth systems research facility on occupied Tohono O’odham land (in so-called Oracle, Arizona, just north of Cuk Ṣon, so-called Tucson). It has a rather strange history. What started as a utopian project to test the feasibility of a closed ecological system for use in future outer space habitats, it ran into highly publicized ...