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Listen to Black Women…please?

I woke up at 11:01 this morning. I was too tired and too sad to go on a long walk with my pitbull, Nala. But regardless of my physical and emotional state, she still needed to go outside. I struggled with the only decision I make these days: “To wear a bra?” or “Not to ...

Sorry, We’re Closed

[Footnotes presents this essay as part of a series addressing reconceptualizing space and social interaction during Covid19, as the Covid19 pandemic forces us to rethink our social lives and how we use and interact in various spaces.]The Delmar Loop, a stretch of what was once racialized as the “Delmar Divide” for the way it separates ...

The Fear: Working through the apocalypse

How can we work when we have no future? In a crumbling world, does anthropology really matter?